contact_picture (1)My name is Hakan Tatar. I graduated from İstanbul University, Department of Translation and Interpreting.

Fallout, Starcraft and Halo series can be shown among my favorite games. I follow some unique indie YouTube artists such as Miracle of Sound. One of my favorite authors in Turkey is Barış Müstecaplıoğlu. My favorite book is Lord of The Rings Trilogy. In my opinion 1984 and Asimov’s Foundation series are products of high intelligence and provide good analyses for people who can understand.

I am interested in many subjects, one of which is digital games. I started making games by creating individual teams for each game by hiring project-based freelancers throughout the world with limited budget and zero support, although I do not have any coding or graphic design skills. This is actually a comeback to my childhood ideal, which had long been forgotten by me.

One of the main purposes of my games is, whatever the game type may be, my mother language will always be an option in my games and some games will directly be focusing on my country’s history and culture.

There is, and never will be, a limit to our imagination power and what we can achieve.