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Mobile Game “Fiends” is now available on the Apple App Store, Android Market and Amazon Appstore



Meet the Fiends:

Plantjuice: Fiend of the forests. His breakfast favorite is fly jam.


Lemonica: When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. But what about lemon monsters? You will decide!


Cottonbite: Fluffy Fiend. A real trickster. Shows up anywhere, loves hide & seek.


Sugarlips: A Fiend who can’t live without dancing. Her house is full of shoes. Stage addict.


Jelly Ben: Has no brain, but a huge heart! He travels at the bottom of the sea.


Cloudia: Fiend of the skies. Quickly distracted, loves shiny things.



A Fast paced game. Test your shooting skills with a monstrous twist.

“In a faraway world, the creatures await with a challenge.

A challenge to test the very limits of human hand eye coordination.

An epic adventure to test your accuracy skills and get addicted to an ultimate strategy game.

We bring you an adventurous twist to your favorite classic aa games!

Welcome to the world of cute speedy monsters to pump up that adrenaline of precision shooting aa games.

Shoot as accurately and strategically as you can between the curly tentacles of the cute little rotating monsters.

Avoid hitting the arms and advance through thousands of levels to an ultimate monster encounter.

How far you think you can go?

## Monster Features ##

— Addictive Intuitive Graphics & Game Play

— 2000 Levels of Fun-filled Ultimate Challenges

— 6 Cute Yet Vicious Monsters to Play with.

— The more you advance, the harder and tougher the monsters get.

— More updates soon!

Game On 🙂

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Game is free (ad supported) and currently available in 12 languages: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese,  Chinese, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish.

Fiends, Böcüler and all character names etc. are trademarks of Hakan Tatar.

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