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Last BerserkerTM : Endless War

Mobile Game “Last BerserkerTM” is now available on the Android and Apple App Store

Tap or Die! Engage & avenge in an endless survival fight to challenge the enemy.
You are the last man standing – A legend born with nerves of steel and a warrior’s bravery, who must fight against all odds to defeat the enemy. Sounds easy? No so much if the real test is how fast you can tap your sword out and kill… wait for it… an infinite army!

Engage in an epic battle of a lifetime and defeat as many enemies as you can before you run out of time & stamina. Get hailed as the unsung hero and savior of the nation for neutralizing an entire army single handedly. Patience and persistence is the key to excel in this adventure as the endless survival mode of the game will take you to the edge.

Easy one-tap, reflex rich game with exciting characters to choose from for a fight of a lifetime around abundant locations and backdrops. Showoff your tapping skills, and reflexes in an endless survival run.

Fear not the enemy; they have an army… we have you!

## Legendary Features ##

— Get in the shoes of 30 different warriors for the ultimate war (spartan, janissary, samurai, legionnaire, knight and many more)
— Fight against 5 kinds of challenging enemies (some of them die harder, beware!)
— Pixel art style graphics for a truly immersive retro experience
— Highly addictive and challenging gameplay
— Active development cycles with exciting updates

The best thing is it’s free! What’s not to like?

You can be a dead hero, or live a coward… The choice is yours! Go grab the game, and tap your way to glory.

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Game is free (ad supported) and currently available in 3 languages: English, German and Turkish.

The Last BerserkerTM, Son KahramanTM  are trademarks of Hakan Tatar.

Meet the Berserkers:



And their enemies, vicious than ever!